Tutorial: Jesters Table

Hi everyone,

It’s one of those random posts today! I was given a battered table by Mike which he’d found together with a set of stools. Put it this way, they faired much better than this table!! Wiggly legs, a film of white mold, chipped edges…the list goes on! If it wasn’t for the table’s lovely queen anne legs I’d have chopped it up for firewood!

I persevered and with a bit of elbow grease, on the cleaning front mainly, I arrived at this charming Jesters table!

Side angle table

With all of its tabletop flaws, I had to do something a bit different with this one. Covering up was not going to leave a smooth surface so I embraced the nobblyness and went for full on texture!

I started using masking tape to create the checkerboard top but found it wasn’t crisp enough so switched to electrical tape (works extremely well, but does leave a minor sticky residue).

To give it a more gothic look I also mixed my own chalk paint using plaster of Paris and a bottle green tester pot (I was never going to find THAT green in a chalky finish!). I even painted the underside for a bit of a change.

Green under table

Thoughts welcome – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly was fun to make! 

Leanne xx

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